"Pet Me" has started its first prototype in December 2023. The room where the work was shown in was shared with a [playful] dominatrix, who would punish partygoers by slapping them on the bum. Because of this element, it was obvious that the room needed something soothing, in order to fill in for the harshness of punishment, and something which would not be in stark contrast with the theme.


After a dominatrix punishes people, she hugs them and tells them 'good job' or 'well done'. To strengthen this interaction Alyster placed a box in the room, its insides covered in soft fur. Nothing is as soothing as petting something which responds to your touch. On the platform where the punishment would happen there would be a generative animation, softly breathing. On being petted, it would ripple and roll and purr, its animation resembling something closely to the theme.


A work with a wink for sure.


[no nudity or actual sexual acts involved]



- Touchdesigner

- Leap Motion

- MidiPaw

Pet Me - Studio Vodka, 2023

@ Grey Space In The Middle, The Hague

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