For Your Eyes Only

Interactive light artwork [projections] with sound and sensors


Frouke Ten Velden: Concept Development, Art Direction, Research

Nicholas Thayer: Sound Design

Alyster / Studio Vodka: Interaction design


About the installation - text by Frouke ten Velden:

"The theme of the festival is "earth layers," and various artists have created works that will be exhibited in Goffertpark, Nijmegen. For the development of my work, I engaged in discussions with scientists from Radboud University. They translate seismic vibrations into visualizations. In this way, we come to understand what lies deep beneath the ground, making the invisible core of the Earth visible. Our understanding of the world appears to depend on our interpretation and perception of it."


Images by Frouke Ten Velden

Pet Me

Interactive projection artwork [projections] with sound and sensors


Alyster \ Studio Vodka: Concept Development, Art Direction,



About the installation:


The work rewards the viewer with a reaction by being petted, every stroke causing a ripple in the creature that lives within the projection. It communicates through a furry box, which invites the audience to explore its insides.


Projection mapping and ceramic materials [2019 - 2022]

Interactive light artwork [projections] with sound and sensors

2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 meter [L x W x H]



The magical flickering of a water surface is something that hypnotises many people, and that's where "Current Tide" plays into. Mother and daughter collaborated for this work, creating a balance between two extremities: young and old, modern and traditional, digital and analogue. A simple work, yet effective. Together these values shape an art installation with ceramics and digital projections, which give the visitor a feeling of submerging in an underwater cocoon and let themselves be carried away in the waves while influencing them with their hand gestures. By laying down, the visitor is being flooded by a feeling of "flow", where time does not exist, hearing and seeing dissolve, and take place for an almost meditative state.


In our current world we hurry so often, and it is terrible for our mental health. Current Tide tries to take away the current, and let everything flow much calmer, even if it is just for a bit.




Alyster, Studio Vodka: concept design, videomapping, interactive design, art directing, management


Conny Pols Ceramics: construction design, ceramic sculptures, art directing




Full Finger Studio


Technical Rider

Studio Vodka



The Hague

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