It feels familiar, this space. But not quite...right. Washed out colours on the tiles, Tube lighting. Communal colour palette. Things aren't as they seem - is this real life? Why am I here? A feeling of familiarity and anxiety I can't seem to shake off... but I keep going.


An exploration into liminal spaces and the seemingly random assignment of nostalgic feelings to them, modelled after a real liminal space in The Hague, Netherlands.


A short film made in Unreal Engine


Following up on this film, a game is being developed. More info:



Soviet [fever] dream


Finally got that perfect dirty mirror look. Studies on how to correctly use texture maps, how to create variation, lighting, and realism.


Trying to capture that post-Soviet sadness which is beautiful and at the same time, inexplicably sad. Yet, somehow, it makes one nostalgic.


I just like Soviet style interiors, what can I say.


nineteen eighty what?


I am a huge fan of Orwellian concepts, and I wanted to create something which looks oddly soothing and futuristic, but at the same time cold and lifeless with some lingering tension. In this image I've added a few references to items from the book 1984, to hint that the person living in this room might not actually live in a Utopian society, but rather in a totalitarian society where their every move is being monitored, every sip is being administered with what potentially could be some sort of mind limiting additive, meanwhile being completely blinded for who is the real enemy and idolising them. Shoes, to imply someone is home, but not in view. We are watching, are we them? On the bedside table, a phone. Because in a futuristic Orwellian world, there would be no need for a big screen. In a futuristic Orwellian world, we carry it - everywhere. And in the shadows, invisible for the viewer, on a beautiful but uncomfortably looking sofa lays a book and a pen, which reads 'brave new world' - where it all started.


Style inspiration:

Korben Dallas Room by BureauBenjamin [Image on the right]


This image actually sparked my sci-fi inner nerd so much I wanted to recreate this. It gave me purpose to explore the merging effect - seen in BureauBenjamin's render - in Cinema4D, as I had never used it before. I also wanted to learn more advanced texturing techniques where the material looks almost a bit plastic-like, and a little worn, without looking repetitive.


I wanted to make the room look soft but at the same time obstructive and rigid, and this style was perfect for that. The bed, chair, and bedside table are all mounted to the room they are in, making it impossible to move them. Perfect for a totalitarian world where it is all about controlling civilians.


An empty swimming pool


Have you ever been at an swimming pool after closing time, when there is no one around? It can be quite eery, and so, so quiet. I wanted to recreate this, but as a memory or a dream: constructed to feel and look familiar at first, but making you realise right after that it could never exist. Yet it gives this feeling of familiarity.


Style inspiration, from left to right, up to down:

> Tiled House - Charlotte Taylor & Hannes Lippert

> Teal Love - Rafael Eifler

> Land - Masquaraque Art

> Cave and Pool - Camilla Boldt


I made this image at a time where I was looking at a multitude of these images so these are some that stuck with me in particular. The render that I created out of that was very much a study of material and shape that got a little out of hand: structurally I have been obsessed with this nihilistic building style which is not a building at all but implies there was an attempt. Especially the use of the arches was something I wanted to implement already for a long time. I kept seeing them everywhere and it fascinated me. That, and then adding the feeling that all-tile environments give me: a warm memory of childhood.


The floating light adds to this memory. All the swimming pools I visited in the 90's had these huge, huge ball lights hanging from the ceiling, dooming above you when you were in the pool.




[cyber] mushrooms


Another studies, this time on light, composition and metallic materials as well as emissive materials. Wanted to work with camera depth in order to create a very nice still. Cybernetic.



Void candy


I was studying volume materials, which was a new feature at the time in Cinema4D, and wanted to create a beautiful composition with it. Kind of reminds me of hard candy. Maybe a sci-fi advertisement?


Made with the help of this tutorial:

click here to watch



Lighting, translucent & reflective materials

texture maps, voronoi fracture, displacement

Heavily inspired on those short stop motion clips in the 90's in Dutch childrens TV shows; why were they kind of creepy?


I only rendered half of the frames, numbers spaced equally to create this effect.


Audio by: unknown


procedural growth

depth textures and growth

lighting, volumes and refraction


voronoi animation and thin plastic

softbodies and metal



displacement, composition,  sweep effector



Videoclip for "Full Finger"


The music of Full Finger often has a haunting and somewhat alien sound to it, so I took this concept and wanted to create an alien environment which one would seem to endlessly loop around in, slowly more and more nauseating while the song progresses. The original footage was rendered in Cinema4D and Corona renderer, after which heavy editing was done in After Effects to make the footage look almost paper made and have that alienating effect.


Nunnc vitamin gummies

Animation of the bottle I've designed for Nunnc Vitamin Gummies, including gummies.


- modelling

- animating

- shading

- rendering


Averr  beautyproducts

Representing Averr's beautyproducts in a Rube Goldberg Machine style, where the product is part of several bizarre contraptions which represent a fictional production line the product would go to before it ends up in the customer's hands.


- modelling

- animating

- shading

- rendering

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