For Your Eyes Only, Frouke Ten Velden, Schemerlicht Festival 2023. Video: We Are Do

"For Your Eyes Only" is the creation of the visuals / lighting artist Frouke ten Velden. Together with the sound designer Nicholas Thayer we worked on this project to create a light installation which reacts to audience-made vibrations through lighting and sound.


As the interaction designer, it was a challenge to make the work feel 'earth-like' and adhering to the concept while taking into consideration the capacity of LEDs and light in general.


I chose to adhere to the palette of earthquake colours proposed by Frouke, but inverting those to create a more intense effect. In this scale, dark red is the most intense. However, in lighting, red is the least bright colour. When in a completely dark space, red would have a calming effect, whereas white and blue light would have the opposite effect.


On coming into contact with any vibrations, the work will tremble and rumble as an earthquake would do, giving an artistic visualisation of the experience of what an earthquake is.



- Touchdesigner

- QLC+

- Ableton

- Contact microphones

- DMX switches

Technical Explanation

Studio Vodka



The Hague

KVK 73768936 [at]