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Introducing "Peer to Peer," a virtual reality experience that delves deep into the intricacies of social influence and its profound effects on human behaviour. Through a dynamic and immersive gameplay, players will discover the power of social pressure and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness.


Unlike conventional video games that dictate what is good or bad, "Peer to Peer" transcends this limited perspective by offering a realistic portrayal of how social influence shapes our decision-making processes. With a range of scenarios that simulate the pressures of conformity, the allure of harmful behaviours, and the complexities of social hierarchy, players will learn how to navigate these situations while staying true to their innermost values and beliefs.


The purpose of "Peer to Peer" is not to demonise the power of peer pressure, but rather to illuminate its essential role in human society. Through the game, players will learn to resist negative social pressure while still cultivating a sense of belonging and connection with others. Ultimately, "Peer to Peer" is a celebration of self-awareness, critical thinking, and personal growth, empowering players to become more confident in their ability to navigate complex social situations and make informed decisions that align with their innermost values and beliefs.





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Inspirations include:


- The Milgram Experiment

- George Orwell

- The Stanley Parable

- The Asch Experiment

- The Beginners Guide

- Jean-Paul Sartre

- The Stanford Prison Experiment

After writing the thesis "If One Sheep Leaps Over The Ditch" and doing extensive research on social behaviour and survival instinct in humans while keeping a more classical storytelling format in mind, it was time to take a next step and to put words into worlds. To read the Thesis, please contact me.


Initially "Peer to Peer" was written as a Nordic LARP [Live Action Roleplay: a way of 'living' a theatre piece / game instead of watching it], but after developing the story, it became clear the LARP would have to be too extensive to perform with the means available.


The first VR version of "Peer to Peer" was made for Samsungs Gear VR in 2018.


The game was developed for a single player sitting in a chair which can spin an infinite amount of degrees, with a wireless charger for the VR goggles on a pedestal. The player would be able to 'walk' through the world with a simple controller. The chair had a backrest to ground the player and reduce a feeling of nausea as much as possible.


The second, improved version of Peer to Peer was made after 2 years the original project was made, and worked on over the past years. Almost every bit of the game has been improved or even completely overhauled since then. It is now to be enjoyed on Windows, to be able to showcase the game better, but also because of VR hardware development acceleration making it difficult to develop such a project, and to receive a larger audience. In its original VR form Peer To Peer suits its purpose the best, however there is currently no revamped VR version, and there are no plans for it.


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