For Design Academy Eindhoven, Alyster works at the research department, where the main tasks involve researching collaborative worlds, shaping them, and building them. For the Research Festival in 2022, Alyster built a "Metaverse" prototype combining 3D software and game designing software. Hosted and established by Prof. Dr. Ian Biscoe, the show was presented like a live production theatre show and hosted many different guests in the art and tech world. - Unreal Engine - Unity - Resolume Arena - vMix - SDI - NDI - Cinema 4D - Houdini
Alyster also plays a crucial role in building full theatre-style shows with large LED walls in other places, like the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. She is responsible for programming various software applications, including hardware systems that deal with video and audio. Alongside a leading team member and a group of highly skilled students, Alyster is responsible for establishing the infrastructure that controls the content displayed on the screens. She works under the guidance of a prof. dr. Ian Biscoe, who plans and conceptualizes the entire show, and her technical expertise and leadership ensure that the team successfully delivers high-quality productions that meet the expectations of their audience. Every year, the team trains a team of capable students how to use the different desks and their purposes: live streaming, PTZ cameras, Unreal Engine, Powerpoint and miscellaneous applications, Resolume Arena - and lastly, the queue desk to bring these vastly different media together. A promo video of the first time this show aired in this way can be seen down here. - Unreal Engine - Resolume Arena - OBS - vMix - SDI - NDI
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